Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company DRIP Rating:
Quick Takeaway:

Coca-Cola is an attractive dividend-paying company with a long history of growing its dividend at an above average pace. The company's dividend history is solid and predictable. However, fees associated with the optional cash purchases and dividend reinvestments are higher than average.

Ticker Symbol: KO Exchange: NYSE

Investor Contact Information:
Transfer Agent: Computershare
Mail: Computershare
P.O. Box 505000
Louisville, KY 40233
Phone: 800-265-3747
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2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Dividend $1.02 $1.12 $1.22 $1.32 $1.40 $1.48
Annual Increase 8.5% 9.8% 8.9% 8.2% 6.1% 5.7%
DRIP Plan Summary: Fees/Investment Options
Consecutive Years of Higher Dividends: 55
Purchase Fee: $3 + $0.03/share (cash purchase)
$2 + $0.03/share (automatic investment)
Dividend Reinvestment Fee: 5% (max $2)
Discount on Reinvested Dividends: None
Direct Enrollment (DE): Yes
DE Minimum Investment: $500 (doesn't apply to FirstShare members)
Optional Cash Purchase: Yes
OCP Minimum: $50/transaction
OCP Maximum: $250,000/year
OCP Purchase Frequency: Weekly
Transfer Agent: Computershare