War & Dividends by Lockheed Martin

When I began putting together this blog covering the fourth stock listed on our September Dividend-a-Month Club list, I couldn’t help but recall an episode of Seinfeld. In the episode that came to mind, Elaine was scheduled to meet with a famous Russian author. After being told about the upcoming meeting, Jerry jokingly told her [...]


Intel Inside the Dividend Club

I’m sure many of you are surprised to see Intel show up on our inaugural Dividend-a-Month Club list, I certainly was. After all, it’s not often that you find a company involved in the development of technology hardware playing the dividend game. Other large players in the industry, including Dell, Advanced Micro Devices and Apple [...]


Walgreens Can Fill Your Prescription for Dividends

Walgreens has increased its annual dividend for 36 consecutive years. Yes, you read that right; Walgreens has increased its annual dividend every year since 1976. That’s an impressive feat for any company, but particularly impressive for a specialty retailer. Walgreens is different from many specialty retailers, however, in that they sell a service that is [...]


IBM: “Big Blue” Brings Big Dividend Potential

On September 1, I published a blog listing First Share’s inaugural “Dividend-a-Month Club” stock picks for September. The goal of this so called “Club” is to help readers build a portfolio of dividend-paying stocks that will generate dividend payments each month of the year. The list provided on September 1 included the five best stocks [...]


Dividend-a-Month Club: September Edition

Finding solid dividend-paying stocks is an important part of DRIP investing. Many investors feel that the higher the dividend the better. However, the growth and sustainability of that dividend is important as well. In fact, I feel that the sustainability of the dividend is the most important factor to consider for those seeking a quality [...]


Market Volatility is GOOD for DRIP Investors

If you are like many of the investors that I work with on a daily basis, last week’s market volatility was probably enough to send you scurrying for a dose of Dramamine.  If, however, you are like many good DRIP investors who focus on long-term investing and dollar-cost averaging into stocks, you should hope for [...]


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